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 I’ am thankful that I’ve met this dedicated company. I can say that we are satisfied and happy with the door to door leaflet distribution service that we got from the company!’’ 
- Lee Harrisons, owner of The Sell & Buy.Com 2015

‘’As a first time business owner, it was hard for me to come up with best marketing and advertising strategy to use for my business. Luckily, my friend introduced me the concept of using leaflet distribution. In line with this, I decided to work with Active Leaflet Distribution.  The company guided me to develop a stunning leaflet design that will attract more people to get buy my products and services. Leaflet distribution services and packages of the company are effective marketing and advertising tool to use.’’
- Jay, Pet Shop Owner in Swinton 2014

‘’Thank Active Leaflet Distribution for providing an efficient and proven effective leaflet and distributing it to may target audiences. I’ am so glad that l listened to the advice of my business partner to consult your company.''
- Ellen, Jewelry Store Owner 2013

‘’ Leaflet Distribution service of Active Leaflet Distribution was amazing. I consulted the company to get leaflet distribution service to inform more people about my latest life coaching session.  Luckily, all slots were taken and I think disseminating leaflet is one thing that made my event successful’’ 
- Pearl Marie, Life Coach in Salford 2015

‘’ Keep up the good work Active Leaflet Distribution. Looking forward to work with you again’’ 
- Ve, Store Owner in Pendlebury 2015

‘’I’ am happy that I chose your company over other leaflets distributors in the country. God knows how you helped me in terms of marketing and advertising my company. I can say that getting leaflets distribution services from Active Leaflet Distribution is one of the best business decisions I’ve made’’
- Joy, Personal Trainer at Virgin Active in Walkden 2015

‘’ No doubt that getting leaflet distribution service and package from Active Leaflet Distribution was a smart choice I’ve made. We highly recommend Active Leaflet Distribution as a leading company to our friends and other business owners. 
- Vernadette, Product Seller in Bolton, 2015

‘’ Active leaflet Distribution certainly know what to do in terms of using leaflet as an effective marketing and advertising tool that business owners like me can use. By means of getting leaflet distribution services from the company, we’ve noticed that more people come and visit our store to buy products that they need.''
- Toni, Store Owner in Bury 2015

‘’ Active Leaflet Distribution completely met and surpassed our requirements and expectations to them. We are satisfied and happy with leaflet distribution services that they provided for our real estate business. More people notice our firm and chose us as their real estate agent’’.
- Melanie Rose, Real Estate Broker in Stretford 2015

Thank you ALD!!! I will definitely use your company for all of my future events and company advertising. I think this company is totally committed to serving their customers - I have used them once for an event I have organised in the Worsley area, I will certainly use them for all future events as they delivered all of my leaflets on time and within budget. A1 company!!  
- Laura Hollingworth - Owner of City Spirit Events 2015

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