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Our Service Package

Our Services

We are proud with our services because we do not allow our clients to settle for less. We offer services that will empower our clients in terms of boosting sale leads and company’s information dissemination. If you are having a hard time dealing with your company’s information dissemination, you need to contact us now.

Solus Leaflet Distribution
This is one of the most effective method of advertising because it significantly increase the chance of your flyer to be seen and read by the target audience at the right time. We highly recommend Solu Leaflet Distribution because it provides the flexibility to choose a specific boundary, sector or even particular streets in order to maximize returns.

 Our Solu Distribution includes:

  • Total Flexibility
  • Leaflets delivered independent of other material
  • Significance prompt response and increased leads
  • At the time of your choice and location

Shared / Budget Distribution (shared with non-competing Businesses)
If you want to keep the costs of your campaign down, then we offer a way to share the burden with other advertisers. Basically, your leaflet will be delivered with a maximum of 2 other non competing leaflet. Shared distribution need to be booked 2 weeks in advance. The mentioned timescale should be used for guideline purposes and this may considerably changes.

Our Share Distribution includes:

  • Sharing costs with other non completive organizations
  • Flexibility and delivering your flyers with 1-3 more companies
  • At the time of your choice and location

Unique Premium A.L.D Solus Distribution
This is a targeted door to door drop, we will distribute your leaflets within 36 - 56 hours once your media reached our site. Date, time and area should be chosen by you as this an express premium service. Premium door to door distribution benefit from our unique GPS tracked system.

Bespoke Leaflet Distribution Service

We can also provide you bespoke service. It is the third level of door to door leaflet distribution in Manchester that we offer. Bespoke service that we offer suits for clients who have specific leaflet distribution requirements

Our Mission

By means of providing efficient leaflet distribution services, we aim for meeting and satisfying needs and wants of our customers. Meeting requirements and expectations of our clients is indeed a great achievement for Active leaflet Distribution. Active Leaflet Distribution aims to help more business owners implement effective marketing and advertising strategy and tool. Workers of Active Leaflet Distribution guarantee that we can perform our duties and responsibilities well so that you’ll acquire positive results.

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  • Fast and Friendly Service
  • Any amount of leaflets undertaken
  • Door to Door distribution
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