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Here are some important commonly asked questions thrown by our previous customers. We hope that we will be able to answer all the questions that you may have:

What is Leaflet Distribution?

Leaflet distribution, flyer distribution, leaflet delivery, flyer delivery, letterbox marketing and door drop advertising became an efficient medium to market your business.


Do you assure your distribution?

 There is a chance that there would be the occasional missed road when we are in the field. We guarantee that our advertisements & materials would be distributed in the correct and most efficient way. We exert effort to cover all the target streets in the targeted location. The industry standard permits for 13% margin of mistake but we will never allow over 3% of margin error.


Is there any least distribution order?

The minimum contract will be sufficient leaflets to cover one postcode section which you have selected to canvas.

How long is your lead time?

Our lead time in those highly populated location is typically around 5 days.


How does our company make sure that all the leaflets are properly delivered?

We make use of GPS devices in postcodes as well as the area managers are tasked to check the distribution paths. We are also providing our customers with a regular distribution report to make them informed every day with the roads and houses that received your leaflets.


Do you deliver to each home within the target location?

We are giving our very best to provide all the houses inside of the target location and the penetration rate may differ based on the exact distribution area. We do not deliver to some flats that we can’t gain instant access to.


How long before the distribution do you need my leaflets?

When you are sharing the rate of distribution with the other companies, we will demand your leaflets to be in our possession for at least ten days prior the distribution commences and seven days for the contract.


Will my leaflets be supplied with the leaflets of my competitors?

The simple answer to this question is NO.


Do you hire any people from the street for the distribution of my deliveries?

All of our delivery men are trained and prescreened.


What are the payment terms?

 We are accepting check and cash. Full payment will be picked up at the same time with your flyers. Correct invoice would be provided throughout the meeting.


Is there somebody I may talk with when I have any problem on the date of delivery?

You will receive a contact number of the company’s dispatch and they will be the one to contact the on duty delivery manager.


What form of response must I anticipate from my door to door distribution campaign?

We guarantee to deliver all your messages to all your customers. On the other hand, customer response is determined by your message.


Who delivers the material?

We’ve dedicated people and groups of distribution in the areas. They are working the supervision of our location & regional manager, going to the main office regularly.


Could you get all my leaflets?

We provide a local gathering service for a reasonable price

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